The Pitfalls

There a several dangerous pitfalls that a property owner can fall foul of:

1 One of the electricity companies has been writing to property owners with pylons and lines on their land asking them to capitalise their wayleave in return for a one-off payment of a multiple of the annual wayleave payments plus a small incentive payment. What this offer fails to point out is that many property owners are entitled to claim for the loss in value of their property due to the lines. By capitalising the wayleave, the right to make this claim is lost.
2 Without well researched comparable transactional evidence of how pylons and lines truly affect property values it is impossible to reach a correct settlement. Electricity companies know this and will use settlements made with other property owners as the basis to settle other claims. This can lead to considerable underpayment. Thomas & Thomas can avoid this by reference to our database of actual transactions of properties that are affected by pylons and lines.
3 This is a specialised area of property expertise. Few property professionals have the experience and expertise to maximise property owners' compensation rights. Thomas & Thomas have both the expertise and experience to gain their clients full settlements for the loss in value of property.